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SiaCert Trusted Services can offer an extensive set of products and solutions for digital transformation by including digital signatures advantages in business processes.


But it is important to find where to start off with, which are the processes where digital signatures can bring more benefits and build a stronger business case and ROI. Those benefits can be achieved from improving some business processes that enhance productivity and/or reduce frictions with customer interactions, avoiding breaking electronic processes to produce paper contracts. Other benefits come from cutting costs going for paperless operation that can be useful for all organizations.  Furthermore, digital signature may help in legal guarantee and compliance procedures, also important in any kind of company.


SiaCert Trusted Services counts with a large professional team with extensive experience to help our customers to adapt and integrate their processes in order to achieve the maximum benefits of digital Signatures. SiaCert provides legal assessment, consultancy for process optimization, integration and development, altogether with the qualified certificates and other Trust Services to our customer success.



Know our solutions by sector

Banks can profit of electronic certificates and digital signature in authentication processes (as settled in Spanish Law 56/2007), but mainly in all the processes and transactions that require legal guarantee, points that are specially relevant in Corporate and Private and Wealth Banking, where convenience and mobility is also an advantage brought to users.


 Furthermore, SIACert may help Banks, as well as other institutions, in the relationship with their business ecosystems: partners, providers, subcontractors… where digital signature means paperless operation and important cost cutting as well as better information management, less follow up efforts and easier legal compliancy.


Bank and Finantial Institutions


Insurance companies face the challenge of managing large numbers of documents and contracts from a large amount of local providers and subcontractors, most of the time small size companies spread along the geography. Going paperless in all these contracting processes will produce relevant economic advantages and nevertheless more flexibility and better response times. And all of these without compromising legal compliancy.


SiaCert Trusted Services can also provide electronic identities to company´s customers`, and Trust Services to online contracting and all the notification processes.


In the global and competitive business environment, it is important to combine agility and response time for contracting with partners and customers, also to exchange other information and transactions and may have legal bounds.


Any industry works with a large number of providers, partners and subcontractors, and they need to exchange documents with specifications, designs, and other business and technical information that may acquire contractual values. They also exchange records related to quality assurance, compliancy, labor risk, etc. All this produces a pile of documents in paper whose handling is costly and time consuming, besides problems of archiving or legal preservation. SiaCert Trusted Services provides a reliable solution to all these challenges by combining electronic certificates, cloud based signatures and other Trust Services like certified notification.

Industry and Energy


Telco and Communication companies can profit on the flight in the relationship with franchisees, providers and subcontractors, allowing more flexible, fast and safe business transactions and also more affordable.


In the same manner these companies can profit in the relationship with customers, mainly SME and corporate, looking for a more flexible and better response time to their new services proposals, avoiding altogether the legal problems due to the lack of signed contracts.



Commerce and Retail need a large number of providers and collaborators (as transporters, facility maintenance professionals, etc.) for their business development and the relationship with them is very dynamic with multiple and frequent contracts that need to be signed. Going paperless is the way to reduce costs and avoid error prone document handling.


SiaCert solutions apply digital signatures with providers and collaborators and subcontractors that can bring a number of advantages to the company like reduce operation costs, better accountability and legal support.



Public Administration can achieve large benefits with the new context where initiatives like the Cl@ve Project in Spain, that provides an electronic identity for citizens to be available from the Government Cloud, make it possible to perform any kind of e-Government transactions in a way that combine security and convenience and mobility for citizens. On the other side, also public servants may profit of the ease of use and mobility of cloud signatures and the organizations can save lots of money in deployment comparing with the cost of working with smart cards or device based certificates (readers, drivers and apps distribution and support).


Besides the relationship with citizens, local governments can also profit of a faster and cheaper contracting with local providers and subcontractors, mostly SME, because both parties can enjoy electronic tools (certificates and digital Signature) to apply secure and ease of use signatures.


In Regional and federal Governments services like Justice, Education, Health can achieve relevant cost cutting and process improvements due to the application of Cloud based Signatures, allowing processes in mobility as well as providing registered notifications and avoiding professionals and citizens to commute to physical offices.


In general in all public organization the relationship with other parties, companies, providers, subcontractors, etc. require lots of paper that need to be signed for legal reasons (contracts, claims, proposals, guarantees,…). SiaCert by means of digital signatures and digital transformation can deliver to public institutions a much more cost effective and agile relationship with their users, bringing a very compelling ROI to this kind of projects.


Public Administration

Health Services

SIACERT Trusted Services provides fine solutions to e-prescription in public Health Services aiming for enhancing functionality and productivity, ease of use for health professionals and reducing operation and support costs.


Furthermore, Health Service can also profit of Cloud based Digital Signature in the relationship with providers, collaborators, subcontractors, etc. in order to achieve paperless operation.



Cross Sector Solutions

a. As a matter of fact, all organizations need legal relationships both with internal parties (employees) or externals (customers, partners, providers, etc.), where an ease to use and flexible digital signature solution can provide important benefits in any kind of digital transformation initiatives, for example in Legal or Human Resource departments, Procurement activities, supply management, customer relationship, etc.