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SiaCert trusted Services also offers the technology solutions of SIAVAL eAS/TSP, the suite of products designed for solving cryptographic and signature functions in any kind of electronic administration projects or digital transformation or paperless operation initiatives.


SIAVAL eAS/TSP (electronic Administration Suite/Trusted Signature Platform) is an appliance designed for corporate grade operations, where you can license the different modules you may need. SIAVAL appliances are designed to fulfill industry standards, and they support multiple certificates from different Certification Authorities.


SIAVAL eAS/TSP comprises the following modules that can be licensed independently:


  • SIAVAL Crypto: is the core module of the system, it performs cryptographic functions and manages policies and certificates.
  • SIAVAL TimeStamp Server: designed to produce time signatures. It can be a TSA (TimeStamp Authority).
  • SIAVAL OCSP Server: it is the validation module that Works as a VA (Validation Authority) able to connect to any number of external Certification Authorities to fetch Certification status.
  • SIAVAL Custody: the module that is in charge of building and preserving the trust chain of signed documents in order to guarantee is legal validity years after. It is based in the long term signature standards and other industry norms in order to facilitate its interoperability.
  • SIAVAL SafeCert: it is the trustworthy server signing component granted with CC EAL4+ certification. It is designed to resolve all usability problems related with digital signature: it delivers a secure and robust service for user´s certificates and Key Access management so that signature functions are available in mobility with multiple devices support.
  • SIAVAL eZ Signature: it is the module that manages signature workflows. You can create users or integrate with corporate directories (Active Directory) and roles (requester, signatory, etc.), you can define rules and policies. It can be also integrated with Document Management Systems.


Technology Solutions: SIAVAL  Appliances