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About us

SIACERT is the Brand for Trust Services of SIA Group, listed in the TSL (Trust Service List) of Spain. SIACERT gathers the extensive experience of SIA in Digital identities, PKI and Signatures.


SIA Group is working in Cryptography, PKI, Certificates and Digital identities since the late 90´s. SIA implemented  quite a number of the first Public Certification Authorities in South Europe. SIA is also a pioneer in applications and technologies for electronic Administration, Signing Services, Digital Preservation, and Server based signatures.


For providing Trust Services, SIACERT uses the technology of SIAVAL (SIA Brand), Entrust-DataCard, and Safenet (Gemalto Brand).




2. Accreditations

Focus on Quality and Process driven constitute part of our Value chain and Project and Services lifecycle. SIA aims for constant enhancements that allow us to be more effective and optimize resource allocation, costs and time to market. As a consequence of this way of living our company, SIA is proud of holding several quality accreditations in Security, Service delivery and IT Management:


  • Quality Management Systems, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000


  • Information security management system (ISMS). UNE ISO/IEC 27001


  • IT Service management system (SMS), UNE ISO/IEC 20000-1:2007


  • Management of environmental responsibilities  UNE-ISO 14001:2004


  • Innovation Management for Standarization and systematization of R&D&I activities, UNE 166002:2006


  • Process Assessment Model for Software development ISO/IEC 15504 Level 3


  • Information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards, whose Security Standards Council granted SIA as QSA Company (Qualified Security Assessor)


Technology Partners

SIACERT works with a selected set of Premium technologies to accomplish great quality as well as innovation and flexibility to adapt our services to our customers’ requests and keeping track of legal, standard and industry evolution.


All these technologies are also proven in large production environments with millions of users.




SIAVAL from SIA is a suite of appliances dedicated to resolve all electronic signature functions:


  • SIAVAL Crypto is the core engine that produces cryptographic functions combining formats and certificates under policy definitions.
  • SIAVAL Custody is the unique solution dedicated to keep the legal validity of documents signed. It is fully based on long term signature standards.
  • SIAVAL TimeStamp Authority allows to assign valid and authenticated time  information to documents and transactions.
  • SIAVAL VA (Validation Authority) it is an OCSP Server that provides information about certificate expiration and revocation status.
  • SIAVAL eZSignature is an applications aim to simplify all the tasks to define signature flows and the relationship of requesters, signers, assistants and document types.
  • SIAVAL SafeCert Manager is the certified CC EAL 4+ software dedicated to perform cloud based signatures that aim for mobility and convenience of users.


ENTRUST Datacard

ENTRUST Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that allows reliable and secure transactions among Government, companies, citizens and users. Entrusts` unique technology for PKI and certificate management are present in thousands of installations worldwide. SIACERT includes some of these technologies:


  • Entrust Authority PKI, is designed for managing certificate lifecycle from enrollment until expiration or revocation. Entrust PKI is a proven technology presented in many governments for managing citizen electronic IDs as well as for ePassports. Entrust PKI holds CC EAL 4+ certification.
  • Entrust IdentityGuard CloudServices SSL certificates, is a very powerful and flexible platform to create and manage SSL certificates that makes Entrust.net one of the leading suppliers of public SSL corporate certificates market. Entrust SSL CMS (Certificate management System) brings easy to use Discovery, inventory and management services, avoiding much of the cumbersome work related to SSL certificates.




SAFENET-Gemalto provides to SiaCert Trusted Services the HSM systems (Hardware Security Module) dedicated to the physical protection of the private keys used in the Entrust Certification Authorities and SIAVAL appliances of the PKI system and also for cloud signing operations in SIAVAL SafeCert. GEMALTO-Safenet HSM equipment achieved FIPS 140-2 level 3 and/or CC EAL 4+ certifications.



SIA is working on the field of PKI, Certificates, Digital Signatures and Electronic Identities since 1997, engaged in dozens of projects that serve millions of users. All this experience is distillated in SiaCert Trusted Services offering, where we provide Qualified Certificates, Signature Applications and other Trust Services avoiding costly and lengthy installations and set-up for our customers.


One of the most innovative Project and with a compelling ROI is the online labor contracting for Randstad using Advanced Cloud Digital Signatures, that allows an important impact in productivity and more important to reduce time, cost and effort for their employees to get their labor contract signed, that previously required them to go to the offices to sign physically. This also contributes to a better environmental (CO2) track.


See publication in "El Confidencial"


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