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SIACERT Trusted Services offers the whole catalogue of Entrust.net, one of the leading companies in protecting identities and communications among servers, applications and services. Siacert provides SSL Certificates, Device certificates, PDF and code signing certificates, and also user certificates.



SSL Certificates are a key element for securing your communication and applications. SSL Certificates make it possible to secure channels between your applications and your customers´ browsers using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptography. SiaCert provides the following types of SSL Certificates:


  •  Entrust Standard SSL Certificates, provide website encryption and identification for www.domain.com and domain.com servers and applications.
  •  Advanced SSL Certificates.
  • SSL EV Multidomain Certificates (Extended Validation). It is the certificate that provides the highest level of protection, because it provides real time verification of server authenticity. It can be generated for multidomain protection.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates. It allows protecting the entire domain with the same certificate, covering also any sub-domain.
  • Multidomain SSL UC Certificates. Designed to protect Microsoft® Exchange® and Microsoft® Office Communications Server®
  • Private SSL Certificates. They are intended for securing internal IP and local servers or those devices or applications that do not require public recognition in browsers. They can be created also multidomain.



Code and Adobe form Signing Certificates

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

SiaCert also provides public trusted certificates for code signing and Adobe pdf form signatures:


  • Code Signing Certificates.  Entrust Code Signing Certificates allow users to authenticate the source and verify the content integrity of code that is downloaded from the Internet. The certificates provide assurance that customers are installing code or applications as they were intended.
  •  Adobe CDS Certificates.  Entrust Certificates for Adobe CDS enables organizations to use digital signatures to sign Adobe PDF files with confidence. Recipients feel more confident by seeing the visual trust indicators that verify who published the document and whether it has been altered or not.



Device Certificates

Specifically designed for tablets and smartphones. Companies using these certificates can safely identify those devices, without the need of deploying an internal PKI. They can be integrated with leading MDM platforms.



User Certificates for  Microsoft® Office

Entrust Secure Email Certificates are publicly trusted S/MIME certificates that enable individuals or organizations to encrypt and digitally sign emails and other documents.



Administration Console

This is the free of charge certificate management hub that simplifies the purchase, deployment, renewal and expiry of digital certificates for multiple Web servers and users. The Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services SSL is a self-service application designed to streamline certificate management while providing secure certificates from a recognized brand in online security. It also helps finding inventory and manages digital certificates across diverse systems and environments. By identifying and evaluating deployed digital certificates, Entrust Discovery helps organizations to avoid compliance ramifications, costly outages or even loss of data breach.