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Digital Signature Services

Trusted Cloud Signature

SiaCert Trusted Services  CC EAL 4+  technology offers all kind of organizations to manage their users´ certificates and signature processes, combining technical security, legal compliancy as well as convenience and mobility for people. By means of these trusted services, companies can integrate applications and business processes so that their users and customers can take advantage of digital signatures anywhere, from home, offices or commuting, using desktops or personal devices without the need of carrying smartcards, readers, or having certificates locked in devices.   SiaCert eases certificate lifecycle management, but even more relevant is to create a platform so that users can perform in a safe, convenient, easy and affordable way digital signatures. Getting all the advantages and avoiding the drawbacks.  This service is covered by the (UE) No 910/2014 Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.



Signature and Document Management

SiaCert delivers an easy and affordable solution for signing functions within applications, BPM and document management systems. SiaCert Signature Platform provides your application certificates (or seals) lifecycle management; it allows you to apply rules and policies depending on applications, document or form types and/or users. You can define signature flows, and combine with preservation functions for legal custody of signed documents.



Cloud Signature Workflow Service

SiaCert brings an easy and powerful solution to resolve signature related functions. It Works as the electronic version of the document-to-be-signed folder, where users can handle their request, approval, signatures, alerts, follow-up, etc., within their department needs or organization processes. The solution has been designed with a handful of functionalities that can integrate in an easy, quick and affordable way to the company´s business processes, helping in digital transformation initiatives and paperless operation. The service can be delivered on-site/ on premises, so that the documents do not leave the company´s facilities, and also in the Cloud. Furthermore, you can leverage the service by using certificates from different origin (for example the ones from SiaCert, or personal citizen smartcards, etc.).